The very insider strategies we’ve gleaned from sitting on both sides of the corporate sales table — buying, selling and delivering hundreds of training workshops… the same insider strategies our clients have used to create never-ending revenue streams in their own businesses… are all now available to you, too.

You’ve known it for a while. You should be spending more time working with the people who need you… and less time tethered to your laptop.


More time making a visible impact… and less time writing content you’re not even sure cuts through the white noise.


More time on activities that directly put profit in your bank account… and less time building funnels that still aren’t producing a payoff.


Because you went into business to be a change agent. You went into business because your journey, your experience and your expertise are needed in the world right now. More than ever before.


And you know that if you were spending more time sharing, teaching, inspiring and connecting, then you would be living your purpose and building your legacy.


And, just as importantly, you would be earning what your contributions are truly worth.

So what if right now was the turning point when all of that shifted? The moment when you finally…

  • Start to monetize all the valuable knowledge, experience and expertise you’ve accumulated over your lifetime?
  • Make a profit from the programs and content you’ve already developed?
  • Reach a lot more people in a way that has a lasting, visible, meaningful impact?
  • Create a sustainable, thriving business that supports and nurtures you?

Welcome to…

It’s like getting the “keys to the kingdom” of the $355.6 billion-dollar-a-year (and growing) training marketplace…


So you can unlock more revenue, reach and recognition!

HURRY! Enrollment closes midnight Tuesday, Nov. 22. (Course starts Nov. 30.)

Because when you enroll in Corporate Training Goldmine, we’ll share with you our most closely guarded insider strategies, responsible for propelling our clients to create record-shattering successes.


In fact, we’re known for helping our clients to create their biggest, most exciting “first evers,” including…


Their first-ever corporate client

Their first-ever 5-figure contract

Their first-ever 6-figure contract

Their first-ever 5-figure month

Their first-ever 6-figure quarter

Their first-ever 6-figure month

Their first-ever 7-figure deal

Their first-ever team members

Their first-ever sales offer to buy their business


…And many more!

What is Corporate Training Goldmine…
and Who is it Right For?


Right now, companies and organizations of all types and sizes, all around the globe, are investing big dollars in training programs to empower their employees to be more successful — both at work and in their personal lives.


And that’s what Corporate Training Goldmine is all about…


The opportunity for you to harness your expertise in order to make an impact that you can actually see and feel. And also earn the income you want to earn… with clients who have the buying power to keep hiring you again and again.


Because if you have the know-how to help people make a transformation, the vast and growing “corporate” training marketplace is an opportunity like none other.


This program is perfect for coaches, consultants, speakers, authors, creatives, self-employed professionals, soon-to-be corporate escapees, and small and diverse business owners. Whether you want to work with small and mid-size enterprises, or large corporations, or nonprofits, or even colleges and universities, you’ll find everything you need to get started — or — go bigger… right here.

Here’s what you get when you join this

“get-into-action-quickly” program:




Whether you are just getting startedor — you’re a seasoned pro looking to add or expand a key revenue stream, Corporate Training Goldmine is a total, soup-to-nuts program that is going to walk you through everything you need to tap into the highly lucrative training industry.


You will learn exactly what to do — and how to do it — so you can finally cash in on your experience, knowledge and expertise. We’re laying it all out for you, step-by-step, so it’s simple and actionable. No guesswork required.


Where to Start: Introduction to the $355.6-Billion-a-Year Training Marketplace


Who to Contact: The Best People (including Job Titles) to Target… Plus, How to Get Their Contact Info Quickly & Easily


Attracting Eager Clients: How to Get the Undivided Attention of the People Who Can Say “Yes!” to Your Workshops & Seminars


Exactly What to Say: Angelique’s Million-Dollar Insider Sales Secrets to Win Lucrative Corporate Training Clients


Pricing Strategy Secrets: Setting Your High-Dollar Fees, How & When to Get Paid, What to Charge Extra for & Much More


What to Offer (Part I): How to Take Your Expertise and Turn It Into an In-Demand Training Program + Hot Trends to Take to the Bank


What to Offer (Part II): The Best Training Program Formats & How to Structure Your Content to Fit Any Situation


The Money Train: Six-Figure Up-sell, Cross-sell & Re-sell Strategies to Keep the Profits Rolling In



Each training module is accompanied by a chapter of Angelique’s Gilded Playbook, which breaks down the strategies and information into actionable, bite-size steps, checklists and action guides. Plus, you’ll also get time-saving, anxiety-erasing swipe copy that you can easily model and mold to your specific situation.


And remember: Angelique is an international award-winning copywriter, whose copywriting skills helped to rocket launch her business into 7-figures and beyond. So this tool alone is worth its weight in gold!







In every program we offer, our clients are blown away by the level of detail and specificity with which we answer questions. And this time will be no different!


Through these calls, you’ll have a chance to tap into the brains of each Angelique – CEO of The Corporate Agent, as well as Phil Dyer – our EVP of Consulting & Training. This dynamic duo brings over 45 years of real-world experience to this topic. (Phil alone has delivered more than 400 trainings!)

HURRY! Enrollment closes midnight Tuesday, Nov. 22. (Course starts Nov. 30.)

Now… we could stop there, and call it a day. And the program would be worth every penny.


But we wanted to make sure that this program goes above and beyond in delivering a return on investment for you for years to come.


So we are also including for you:





We’ve tapped into the brainpower of four incredible experts, each of who will dive deep into a “maximizer” strategy, including:


How to build a team of trainers under you… so you can scale your business and not create a job for yourself!

How to develop awesome content that gets results for your students, garners rave reviews, and has clients hiring you again and again.

How to gain instant authority and credibility the moment you walk in front of your workshop or seminar audience.

How to get your legal “stuff” in order so you protect your brilliance and your business for the long term.






This is big! We want to make sure you have the individual guidance you need to create your own corporate training gold rush. That’s why you’ll receive a private session with one of my Six-Figure Business Strategists where you’ll gain clarity and lay out a plan for your specific next steps.







We know you’re busy. That’s why everything will be in one place, which you have access to 24x7 for an entire year.


Plus, you can download all the resources so they can be a part of your success library for years to come.


We make the program available to you week by week. Perfectly paced so you are focused, motivated and never overwhelmed.



AND… when you log in, you’ll also find…





Yep, we’ve even included several more top-secret training resources for you. We can’t mention what they are on this page. But here’s a hint: These resources will give you the added advantage of knowing what the “industry insiders” know!


David Neagle


“You have to get your hands on Angelique's strategies!”

“I've been in the coaching business and in sales for a long time. And what Angelique teaches and what she has put together when it comes to selling to all the big companies out there is truly world class.

Frankly, it's the best I've seen. Not only have we successfully applied her strategies in our own business, but we've also seen our coaching clients put her strategies into action and experience an immediate increase in their revenues.

Bottom line: If selling to corporate clients is something that you are doing or something that you want to do, you have to get your hands on Angelique's strategies!”

Debora McLaughlin


“2016 is the year I’ve fully stepped into my ‘strategic advisor’ role for senior corporate executives and continued to build my culture change management thought leader platform. I’ve leveraged the strategies I’ve learned from The Corporate Agent to develop a bench, host executive roundtables, land a regular column in a major regional business publication, and achieve my first $100,000 QUARTER! Can’t wait to see what the next 12 months brings!”

Dan Kimble, MBA


“Since working with Angelique, the possibilities have completely opened up, and I’m charging much more than I ever imagined I would be charging. In just the first quarter of 2016, I’ve tripled my income since last year. And I’m just getting warmed up. I have the confidence now that I know I’m going to land the clients. The sky is the limit from here.

Michael Linardi


“Thanks to Angelique and Phil’s expert guidance, I’ve just closed out my highest revenue quarter ever during my 15 years in business!”

Kat O’Sullivan


“Within the first month of working with Angelique and Phil, I engaged with an ideal prospective client, they committed to a $5,000 Strategy Day that further resulted in a $116,500 deal for a yearlong program.

Along with the $116,500 yearlong engagement, I also met with an existing client where I proposed an increase in service level for 2015 that resulted in a $150,000 contract.”

HURRY! Enrollment closes midnight Tuesday, Nov. 22. (Course starts Nov. 30.)

All this sounds amazing, yes? However, we stepped back and asked ourselves, “Is there anything else we can do to make sure our clients implement, take action, and have accountability?”


And that’s when we knew. There was still one more amazing benefit we could include to make Corporate Training Goldmine the smartest investment you’ve made in your business this year.



So we added A LIVE EVENT as part of the program!

Yes! You’re invited to join Angelique at a truly closed-door, two-day “IT RIGHT NOW” event in the first quarter of 2017… where she’ll lead you in building and executing your lucrative corporate training plan of action to fill your bank account.


**A $1997 value… your registration is complimentary, when you sign up for Corporate Training Goldmine!**


And know this… you won’t be able to buy a ticket to this two-day, closed-door intensive. It’s reserved exclusively for our Corporate Training Goldmine members.


Imagine… having two entire days in gorgeous South Florida to work on your business — not in it. Two days to build your plan of action and, during Angelique’s famous “labs,” start taking action WHILE you are onsite at the event. Because that’s how we roll! (And how we help you shatter your stuck points and plow through your mindset blocks!)

AND… to reward you for taking fast, decisive action — which is the key to business success — the first 37 who sign up receive access to a BONUS LIVE Master Class with Angelique. In this special Master Class, you’ll have the opportunity to get feedback on YOUR specific training topic! (value: priceless!)


Robin Colucci


In just one 15-minute strategy call, Angelique gave me a lead generation strategy that led to a $40,000 contract from just the first three emails I sent (cold, by the way). Now I use that same strategy to bring ideal prospective clients to me at 100x the rate I was achieving before. Thank you, Angelique!”

Chris Gerhart


One session with Angelique produced a clear business development strategy that resulted in closed deals and pending opportunities worth WELL over $500,000 per year. And that’s in just the first three months following our call! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store, especially after our amazing Strategy Day.”

Dr. Maria Church


“Working with Angelique and Phil over the last year has provided tremendous clarity in helping me refine my offerings, zero in on my niche and land several ideal clients. I’ve recently closed several major leadership development & culture change projects totaling over $110,000 in revenue and am actively working on several more thanks to the strategies I’ve learned. 2016 is shaping up to be my best revenue year so far!

Kim Cruz


“We’ve sold over $110K in new work in the last few months, with a $1 Million+ contract baking in the oven — and I now have a bench!”

HURRY! Enrollment closes midnight Tuesday, Nov. 22. (Course starts Nov. 30.)

Still Have a Question if This is Right for You?


Don’t let a question stand in the way of your turning point.


Send us an email or, if you prefer, schedule a call with our senior business strategist. We’ll answer any questions you have openly and with zero pressure.

*Please note: Refunds are not given for downloadable trainings with immediately downloadable value.


Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don't apply to the average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.


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